Stream the New Ehnahre Before You Can Pronounce It!

If that picture doesn't make you want to roundhouse a 13-year-old's teeth in during a wall of death, we feel sorry for you. Just kidding. Ehnahre are a pretty stellar DM/free jazz/esoterica hybrid from the perpetually psycho Crucial Blast envelope-pushers. Featuring members of dB favorite Kayo Dot, Taming the Cannibals is a late contender for mind/face-fuck of the year. Stream this monster now so you can better appreciate Scott Seward's (gushing) review next month. EHNAHRE - The Clatterbones [audio:|titles=The Clatterbones] EHNAHRE - Foehn- (Lullaby) [audio:|titles= Foehn (Lullaby)] EHNAHRE - Animals [audio:|titles=3. Animals] EHNAHRE - Birth-dues [audio:|titles=4. Birth-Dues] EHNAHRE - Revelation and Decline [audio:|titles=5. Revelation and Decline] EHNAHRE - Birth [audio:|titles=6. Birth]