VIDEO PREMIERE: Incantation's "Invoked Infinity"

We couldn't think of a better way to spread some Valentine's Day love than premiering the brand new Incantation video for "Invoked Infinity". Before you start headbanging at your desk to the opening track to last year's Vanquish In Vengeance (and the band's first video in ten years), we'll let bassist Chuck Sherwood and Kristoff Bates (who, along with Incantation drummer Kyle Severn, runs Black Arts Media, the outfit behind the clip below) tell you a little bit more about what you're in store for: "The new video was filmed in an authentic turn of the century funeral home. Its concept is the ritual combination of three formulas/systems of magic. A personal interpretation of its results when evoked entities/elementals of these pantheons are brought within. Visually it culminates the essences of each elemental force, its earthbound entity and the ethereal. In the violent nature of the music, it's only expanded in the creation and presentation of this video. Take what you will from it." - Chuck Sherwood

"After writing/filming with Kyle Severn for the After Party Massacre movie and for way too many live shows since then, it's always been a blast to shoot with the guys in Incantation. Between the creepy and dark aura of the funeral home (Eric Freeman's House of Wills) to the freezing storm filled waters that almost drowned us and even getting to play with real goat skulls, hearts and organs for the ending, it was a great video to put together!" - Kristoff Bates

Be sure to check out the band's new (as in literally went live today) merch store here. Plus, if you happen to live in or around Houston, Brooklyn or Miami, you can also check out the death metallers at one of their rare upcoming shows:

March 23, BFE Rock Club, Houston, TX (Masters of Death with Master, Divine Eve, Blaspherian, Imprecation, Hod, Fisthammer and Nodens) March 30, Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY (with Evoken, Rellik and Derkéta) April 27, Churchill's Pub, Miami, FL (with Ulcer, Masticator and Hibernus Mortis)