STREAMING: Rage Nucléaire "Endziel"

Informed by early Emperor, inspired by Anaal Nathrakh and motivated by long-ignored black metallers Mysticum, Rage Nucléaire might just be Canada's best new black metal outfit. There seem to be too few from a country dubbed, "The Great White North", but I digress. Anyway, the history of Rage Nucléaire surprises. No, the French-Canadians weren't part of a cult black metal sect from the early '90s or are they a group of evil younglings who've just discovered Lords of Chaos on their mom's Kindle Fire. Actually, Rage Nucléaire is (de)composed of ex-Cryptopsy throatman Dan "Lord Worm" Greening, ex-Cryptopsy guitarist Steve "Dark Rage" Thibault, and mystery man, Alvater. That's right. Some of death metal's most celebrated (and reviled, in a good way, naturally) musicians have come together to form an unpretty---no synth reproductions of fjord vistas or dead cities---rendition of the evilest metal. "'Endziel' is about a game of human chess, played in an urban setting (Endziel meaning end-game, or checkmate)," enthuses Lord Worm. "The idea of the urban setting comes from Charles Manson's "Helter Skelter" bizarre notion of a race war (black vs. white). It's simply another take on violence, as per Rage Nucléaire's credo KILL-HATE-WAR-VIOLENCE."

And Decibel's (un)fortunate enough to have landed a streamiere of new track, "Endziel", from the group's debut full-length, Unrelenting Fucking Hatred. Now, if you're one to cast stones before you know what you're throwing at, well, Rage Nucléaire can't help sway you from your myopic position on what is/isn't black metal. If you're of an open brain, well, Rage Nucléaire is a welcome addition between the Rotting Christ, Ragnarok, and Revenge LPs you openly covet. But, hey, all you have to do is listen.

** Rage Nucléaire's new album, Unrelenting Fucking Hatred, is out November 6, 2012 on Season of Mist. Pre-order the platter of controversial Canadian splatter HERE.