STREAMING: General Surgery's "A Collection of Depravation"

It ain't often we here at the Deciblog get to premiere a 30-track album. That's like reading a book for fuck's sake. (I'm currently reading Holy Blood Holy Grail, and who knew the French were so important to history?) Anyway, General Surgery, as you may or may not know, are the first (and best) CarcassClone. There have been others in the past, but few of them have Xeroxed and re-toetagged Carcass' pre-Necro sound quite like Sweden's General Surgery. They're sort of legends for it, really. OK, so you have General Surgery's first EP Necrology and album, the cheekily-named Left Hand Pathology. Let's golf clap in unison. But do you have "all of legendary Swedish goregrind outfit General Surgery's out of print singles, vinyl only EPs, comp appearances and a few unheard demos into one filthy CD collection"? Unless you're Roger from Mortician, we doubt it. A Collection of Depravation is all of General Surgery's giblet-grinding audio massacres on one silly disc. Yeah, it's way more cult to have it strewn across multiple formats, some on shelves, some in old Dr. Martens boxes, but this is 2012. A compilation CD is so future-forward.

We've rambled long enough. Enjoy the crimson concerto. It's on us (and Relapse, of course):

PS. There's a near-transparent vertical scroll bar in the SoundCloud player. Pull it down for more General Surgery. Yeah, we know. Damned free music APIs.

** General Surgery's A Collection of Depravation is out now on Relapse Records. Order it HERE. That or you can suck a pus-filled testicle while the members of Carcass make fun of you for doing what General Surgery tells you to do. Your choice, of course.

** You can also LIKE General Surgery on Facebook, but if your mom's going to be pissed we might advise against it.

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