Sandrider: Preview of "Dogwater," Non-T-Shirt Version.

We used to love Akimbo around these parts. I say used to, not because they suddenly betrayed their clangy, mathy roots for a combination of slick radio rock and Drake covers, but because they up and broke up. So, I guess in a roundabout way, we still love Akimbo even though the band doesn't really exist anymore. A few years ago, former Akimbo members Nat Damm (drums) and Jon Weisnewski (guitar/vocals) teamed up with Ruby Doe bassist/vocalist Jesse Roberts to form the more penetrable and accessible Sandrider. They've been liked to classic grunge, which we do hear strains of, but there's also a definite punk and 70s rock feel - the major ingredients of grunge, ironically enough - and a metallic stomp to their raucous brand of rock. They have thus far released two albums, their self-titled debut and Godhead which came out late last year. Both are available here. Since then, the band has recently participated in a compilation entitled Seattle Noise Vol. 1 as released by Good to Die Records and featuring a bunch of bands who took enough time away from drinking under the Space Needle to offer up examples of their rocking goodness and one of the more unique packaging ideas I've ever stumbled across. Here's the word directly from the top: "Seattle’s Cha Cha Lounge in collaboration with AVR Music and Good to Die Records is proud to present SEATTLE NOISE VOL. 1 (5/20), a compilation with 14 slabs of sonic goodness from the cream of the crop of the Emerald City’s underground rock scene featuring the likes of Sandrider, Monogamy Party, Dust Moth, Deadkill, Constant Lovers, Crypts and more. The compilation was curated by Kerry Zettel of the Cha Cha Lounge and engineered, mixed & produced by Ian Lesage this past February over the course of ten days at the Vault Studios in Seattle.

In keeping with the thinking-outside-the-box tradition of these bands, labels, and community, Seattle Noise Vol. 1 will be physically released as a T-shirt with front & back cover art printed on the shirt and liner-notes printed in the shirt. Purchase of the T-shirt includes a high quality digital download of the compilation. The shirts will initially be available May 20th at a listening and release party being held at the Cha Cha Lounge in Seattle. The event is FREE, everyone is invited and party starts around 9pm. Following the initial release the T-shirts will be available at both the Cha Cha Lounge and in the Good to Die Records webstore as well as digitally on Bandcamp. More info soon…"

Here's Sandrider's track and the liner notes below. Check out Good to Die for more info and if you're in Seattle, why not check out their shindig?

Taken from Seattle Noise Vol. 1 Presented by Cha Cha Lounge Release date: 05/20/2014 Format: Digital Download / T-Shirt AVR Music - Good to Die Records

Track Listing: 01. Sandrider - Dogwater 02. Crypts - Carnivore 03. Tacos! - Choke 04. Glose - Thirsty Nurse 05. Deadkill - Grave Matters 06. Trash Fire - Poorest Choices 07. Murmurs - Woof 08. Dust Moth - Handles 09. Constant Lovers - A Lullaby 10. Blood Drugs - Lowest 11. Monogamy Party - I Don’t Like You 12. Childbirth - Sweet Pea 13. The Great Goddamn - The Weight 14. Theories - Petrifaction

All songs are original recordings and previously unreleased.

Recorded over 10 days at Vault Studios (02/17/2014 through 02/27/2014) on a shared back-line with some band-to-band modifications.

Physically released on a T-shirt including Front & Back cover art printed on the shirt and Liner Notes printed in the shirt. T-shirt includes digital download.

Engineered, Mixed & Produced by Ian Lesage Co-Produced by Luke Matkins and Kerry Zettel Mastered by Levi Seitz Black Belt Mastering 03/18/2014 Album artwork by Shannon Perry Layout & Curated by Kerry Zettel Studio Hospitality provided by Cha Cha Lounge Seattle

Special mention to "drunkest band in the studio" Blood Drugs