Don't Sleep On Progressive DM Crew Deviant Process's "Unconscious"

Lots of Quebec-based death metal premiering on ye olde Deciblog the last couple days: first Spirit of Rebellion, then Cryptopsy, now four-piece Deviant Process! The PRC Music outfit brings it in the style of dB-approved forebears Beyond Creation, Augury and Obscura, and "Unconscious" is the first single from debut full-length, Paroxysm

Death Metal Congratulations to....

Last week we concluded our giveaway of Psychomancer’s Inject the Worms EP, just released on Orchestrated Misery Recordings. The five lucky metalheads currently with a copy of this piece of sickness en route by mail, courtesy of the label, are:

Jeremy Norris
Thom Davidsohn
Jason Hudock
Dan Chiricuta
Richard Braden

If you weren’t one of these guys, you can buy a copy of the “corn-fed Indiana death metal” here. Keep an eye out for further Decibel giveaways.  

Win A Copy Of Season Of The Witch

At the beginning of the year we published an interview with author Peter Bebergal about his excellent new book Season Of The Witch: How The Occult Saved Rock and Roll. Among the topics discussed: why metal has picked up (again) on the occult approach and themes so popular in the 70s: "There’s just something about wanting to get back to a simpler sound that 70s metal offered. I really like metal but I can’t listen to cookie monster vocals. But there are more bands opting for a Coven-like vocal approach. I think that is more evocative of something esoteric. I don’t think that Black Sabbath could be who they are without their voices – it captures their spirit. Things come around in cycles but I do think we are finally able to recognize the 70s were one of the most important decades in the pop culture landscape. So, it does make sense that metal bands would look back." There was a lot of interest in the interview -- and the book -- so we've teamed with Peter (who is buried in the New England snow) to offer Deciblog readers a chance to win their choice of a signed print or digital copy of Season Of The Witch.

Please answer the following question and submit it by February 25 to In your entry, please let us know if you would like the print or digital copy. One winner will be selected.

Who do you think is the pivotal occult rock band? State your case in under 150 words.

CONTEST: Heiress

Our friends at The Mylene Sheath are not messing around in 2015 (not that they did before). The label's first release will be Heiress's sophomore effort, Of Great Sorrow, and happens to have been recorded by none other than Tad fucking Doyle. Not only should you check out a few tracks below, but don't miss Shawn Macomber's profile of the quintet in the pages of our latest and greatest. But wait, there's more! Lindsay and Joel are giving away an "Ultimate Pre-order Package Deal". It includes the following:

- Of Great Sorrow LP on Clear Vinyl w/Grey Center & Gold Splatter, limited to 100 - Of Great Sorrow LP on Translucent Pilsner Vinyl w/Gold Center, limited to 100 - Of Great Sorrow LP on Gold/Silver Swirl, limited to 300 - Of Great Sorrow CD - Of Great Sorrow pre-order exclusive T-shirt

To enter, simply email us by 5pm on Sunday night (1/25) with the answer to the following question: What's your favorite Seattle band and why?

If you're not lucky enough to win, you can still pre-order a copy of the record here.

CONTEST: Woods of Desolation

Yesterday was a big day for music nerds, especially critics. Even though we're already two weeks into 2015, end of the year fever never really subsides until the Village Voice's annual Pazz + Jop poll hits. Ever wanted to know what some of your favorite Decibel scribes enjoyed most during the year? Well, now you can judge away! Some have even taken things a step further, making mathletes and staticians across the world proud. Any way you want to look at the ballots and data though, it's always interesting to see the headspace in which your fellow scribes operate, especially outside of any constraints, genre or otherwise. It's also a great way to find something cool you've never heard. But we're not just here to show off our collective (good) taste. To celebrate, we're giving away two free downloads of a certain someone's favorite album of the year, Woods of Desolation's As the Stars (which also finished at #13 in our Top 40).

To enter, simply email us your favorite record of 2014--extreme or otherwise--by 5pm EST on Tuesday, January 20th. We'll pick two entries at random and email each a bandcamp download link. It's that simple.

In the meantime, if you're not familiar with WoD, start listening!