A389 Contest Winners and Free Digital Mixtape

Remember this a couple weeks ago? Well, the horror lovin', Satan strokin' dudes in Seven Sisters of Sleep have studiously studied your entries and picked the winning winners. Grand prize goes to: Sam Pickering

Three runner-up prizes go to: Mark Thistlewood, Nolan Reed and Xsimon stX

Drop A389 head dude, Dom a line at dom@a389records.com with your mailing addresses so he can send you your spoils of victory.

A389 hasn't forgotten about the rest of you - even those you of who didn't enter the contest. Go to the link below and you can download, for free, the label's latest annual digital mixtape. Below is the complete track listing, which includes music from label priorities Integrity, Full of Hell and Noisem alongside a warm embrace from the likes of Eyehategod, Iron Reagan, Weekend Nachos, Ringworm and 33 others over the course of its two hour run time.

Get it here.

A389 Recordings Digital Mixtape MMXIII Track Listing: 1. EYEHATEGOD "New Orleans Is The New Vietnam" 2. IRON REAGAN "Drop The Gun" 3. HOMEWRECKER "Chained Hanging Victim" 4. NO ONE SURVIVES "Fuckin' Pigs" 5. INTEGRITY "Beasts As Gods" 6. ILSA "Foreign Lander" 7. FULL OF HELL "Coven Of The Larynx" 8. NOISEM "Severed" 9. WEEKEND NACHOS "Watch You Suffer" 10. EMPIRE OF RATS "Untitled" 11. PICK YOUR SIDE "Bleeding Out" 12. GOD'S AMERICA "Fill The Cracks" 13. LIKE RATS "Red Dawn" 14. MOLOKEN "Casus" 15. THE GUILT OF... "Election Of The Severed Hand" 16. SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP “Ghost Plains” 17. YOUNG AND IN THE WAY "Psychopathy" 18. SICK FIX "Beyond The Map" 19. ANCIENT SHORES "Omen" 20. SHIN TO SHIN "Shin To Shin" 21. VILIPEND "Fool's Gold" 22. LEFT FOR DEAD "Kept In Line" 23. GEHENNA "Baptized In Fallout" 24. BLIND TO FAITH "Blood Like Water" 25. RINGWORM "Necropolis" (1991 Demo) 26. CYNARAE "Harbinger" 27. JARHEAD FERTILIZER "Drowning" 28. THE LOVE BELOW "Let Them Eat Shit" 29. EDDIE BROCK "Boys Of Summer" 30. COUNTDOWN TO OBLVION "Spray P.E.C." 31. UNHOLY MAJESTY "Night Of Lead" 32. CLASSHOLE "Full Of Hate" 33. OLD LINES "Temple" 34. CALM THE FIRE "Chce Mi Siê Wyæ" 35. ENFORCERS 'The End Is Near' 36. PHARAOH "Spared" 37. JUNIOR BRUCE "The Burden" 38. WITHDRAWAL "Guardian Angel" 39. NOTHING "The Rites Of Love And Death" 40. PLEASANT LIVING "Friday Night”

Mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise). Original artwork by Joshy Brettell (Ilsa, Exosus).




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