Get Crushed by the Tidal Wave of Rising's "Oceans Into Their Graves" (Full LP Premiere!)

Photo: Lasse Høgh

Slightly ahead of the approach of summer months, we've seen a recent wave of crushing sludge releases, many with a direct line to the sea. Now that isn't a complaint by any means, as the indomitable briny deep is totally metal. Especially at its lightless, able-to-crush-almost-any-living-thing, unexplored depths

Denmark's Rising is all over this devastating tide with their upcoming Oceans Into Their Graves, set for release this Friday (4/29) on Indisciplinarian. The quintet's third full-length storms ashore with the head-liquefying sludgehammer tone, and stays on the mind with a current of trad metal catchiness. Stream this sea monster in full below!

Preorders are available in the US via Earsplit Distro and internationally via Indisciplinarian. You can keep up with the band via Facebook and Twitter, and stream past releases on Bandcamp.