Read Between the Corpses...

What with the recent killer Owen Hart and Graf Orlock albums -- not to mention those imminent Ghostlimb jams! -- Vitriol Records has been on quite a tear of late, but even those crazy bastards have realized the only way to truly put a cherry on top of this nasty buzzsaw sundae is by offering up another wild literary vision from the singular mind of Decibel's own Andrew Bonazelli, The Dreamt and Deathless Obscene. Readers of Bonazelli's two previous gutter-classics-the-world-has-yet-to-catch-up-to (Mechaniks, A Regular) already know this, but for the uninitiated suffice to say our managing editor gets down with the sickness in a way that would turn the hair of those pussies from Disturbed sheet white and send them back home to their mamas even more drool-speckled and incoherent than they left. And that's really saying something! You are missing out!

The video trailer for The Dreamt and Deathless Obscene is above. Synopsis and pre-order info here. We recommend dropping the few extra dollars for the "hand-assembled stained/screwdrivered/hammered" limited corpsepile edition -- Mother's Day is coming up, after all, and we all got tired of being ripped off on EBay after the fact a long time ago.