When One Finger Won't Do: Exclusive Vomit Fist Stream!

Forgive But Avenge -- the deliciously over-the-top, ultra multidimensional debut EP from father/son extreme metallers Vomit Fist -- is out today, and we've got the exclusive stream below! "It’s been a very deep and intense experience working with my son Leo (Lurkrot) and his best friend Malcolm (Skrag) in this band and creating this record," Nick (Vürdoth) Didkovsky tells Decibel. "While most of the time we are working as co-equal musicians, where these close relationships drop to the background, there are times where it strikes me how extraordinarily special and rich this is: How fortunate I am to have found this moment in life and pushed it forward instead of just dreaming about it; to express it with Vomit Fist, the band, and Forgive but Avenge, the record. We are all very proud of this release, and it bodes well for the future that it turned out as strong and intense as it did...

"We weren’t sure what the state of Vomit Fist would be after Leo and Malcolm started college a couple of months ago, but we are thrilled to see that gigs continue, composing continues, talk of the next record is already in progress, and we are planning some east coast dates for January ’15. So we'll be spewing forth our personal brand of metal and moving ahead with exuberant violence in the near and not-so-near future. Carpe diem metallum!"