Valerian Swing: Oddball Video Complements Oddball Band

Who ever would have thought that the instrumental music scene, as it pertains to Decibel's readership, would be as saturated and crowded as it has become since Pelican ended up on the cover of issue #33 way back in 2007? It's gotten so much so that bands whose savant-like members who are ineffectual basket cases when not allowed to opportunity to express themselves musically through their instrument of choice are having to tap into other creative avenues in order to get the public to stand up and take notice. For instance, check out this video for the track "Pleng" by instrumental mathematics professors, Valerian Swing. It's a deceptively simple visual complement to the sort of stuff Don Caballero don't write anymore, but notice they're playing in a room you might otherwise see in a Perceptual Psychology textbook, that drummer David romances his kit like the math 'n' roll version of Brutal Truth's Rich Hoak and just what the hell is going on behind the Correggion, Italy-based trio as they bound around? The offical credits (listed below) list off cast members in the role of 'The Fish,' 'The Naked Guys' amongst others, so keep a watchful eye out as you never know what you might be missing.

VALERIAN SWING - "Pleng" From the album A Sailor Lost Around the Earth available now from Magic Bullet Records. Director: Rane Fritte Editing & Post Production: Stefano Villani Color correction: Rane Fritte Camera operator: Marco Brandoli Additional Post Production: Davide Guldoni Production design: Silvio Lolli Assistant production design: Riccardo Tavernari Set decoration: Gianni Monternini The "Fish": Giacomo Ferrari The "Sailor": Giacomo Sacchi The "Deep-sea diver": Max Rossi & David Ferretti The naked guys: Rifkin Kazan Special thanks to Reproject & Pongofilms.

The trio have been weirding up North American shores for a couple days already, embarking upon their first US tour centered around a showing at this year's South by Southwest music marathon, when Austin, TX gets overcrowded to the gills and does its best imitation of your average Chinese urban area. Here are the remaining dates and info on how to score their music if you can't make it out and buy it in person.

March 8 - Frederick MD - Cafe 611 March 9 - Baltimore MD - NOVO Festival - Windup Space March 10 - Fredericksburg VA - Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades March 11 - Richmond VA - Strangematter March 13 - New Orleans LA - Neutral Grounds March 14 - Austin, TX - SXSW Festival March 15 - Austin, TX - SXSW Festival March16 - Austin, TX - SXSW Festival March 17 - Austin, TX - SXSW Festival March 18 - Tulsa OK - Crystal Pistol March 20 - Nashville TN - The Muse March 21 - Louisville KY - Chestnut House March 22 - Columbus OH - Kobo March 23 - Tyrone, PA @ We live in New York and LA Art Space *ALL SHOWS w/ TIME COLUMNS

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