TRACK PREMIERE: Nashville Pussy's "Pillbilly Blues"

Finally, a track premiere from a band whose name I can pronounce! It's not a name I can say in polite company, but, you know, baby steps. Hard to believe these guys have been slinging their unique brand of shitkicker punk for nearly 20 years, but here they are, on full-length number seven and still telling tales of drug binges, wild sex, and other redneck misadventures. Up the Dosage feels a little more laid back than 2009's From Hell to Texas. Still, that doesn't stop them from having songs with titles like "Rub It to Death" and "The South's Too Fat to Rise Again" that are about exactly what the names imply. We don't have those songs for you, but we DO have "Pillbilly Blues," a tale about the sort of people that give Raylan Givens a headache week after week on Justified. Or, as singer/guitarist Blaine Cartwright puts it: "PILLBILLY is the anthem of the modern day bootlegger. It's a rocker about hillbillies who saw their grandaddies cooking up moonshine and daddies growing weed. But now it's their "time to shine" as they cope with the depressed mountain economy by selling and swallowing illegal prescription drugs."

***Up the Dosage is out now courtesy of Steamhammer/SPV. You can order it here.