STREAMING: Warfather's "My Queen Shall Not Be Mourned"

It's been more than a decade since Steve Tucker played death metal as vocalist and bassist of Florida titans Morbid Angel. His first album with the band was Formulas Fatal To The Flesh, an underrated gem that we named one of the best 100 death metal albums in our special last year. Tucker is back with a new band Warfather and we're happy to premiere the first track off the upcoming album Orchestrating The Apocalypse. It's available January 21st from Greyhaze. Stream the track below and then hear Tucker wax poetic about the new song. We're also stoked to see that someone in the band photo looks like they strolled out of the movie 300. This is Sparta!

My Queen Shall Not Be Mourned is the third track on Orchestrating the Apocalypse. This movement deals with what is truly important as a man, as a warrior... Every man has loss, and we must survive many endings... Survival and legacy have now become more important than any possession... Many kings shall lose their wives But the one true vengeance is legacy! "Though my queen has died, I will not mourn her loss. She has given me my future. My seed and my blood will live on..."

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