Streaming (some of) the Monuments Collapse/Breag Naofa Split and Why Physical Copies Don't Suck

The fucking hassle and amount of fucking time I wasted just to put this stupid stream up wasn't worth it. San Francisco's Monuments Collapse and Seattle's Breag Naofa have had a split release available since last month. It originally came out around the Christmas rush and was probably forgotten/ignored for that reason. Here, we present it for you and your perusal. However, let the record show that the umpteen number of times I had to upload and re-upload this thing because the transcoding bullshit didn't work, or the track list was uploaded in the wrong order, or the embed code wouldn't work, or half the songs would be missing, or because of some other dumb electronic snag means that, 1) I gave up and what you see is what you get, 2) I almost chucked my computer out the window into the friggin' polar vortex, 3) the entire EP (probably) didn't make it to the final playlist below and 4) it's probably not in any semblance of what the proper order is supposed to be. All this is a good indicator that maybe you should just go buy an actual copy and listen to music the way music was meant to be experienced. The good dudes at Halo of Flies and Shove Records have pressed 500 copies of the split; 300 are on black vinyl, 200 are on bone and oxblood coloured vinyl. The packaging consists of heavy stock, reverse board, gatefold sleeves with artwork created by Alex CF. Isn't that description alone is a million more times tantalising than saying to your fellow Neur-Isis loving, post-metal nerdologists that you listened to this, or anything else, online? What if I told you there's a connection between Monuments Collapse and celebrated black metal de-constructors Deafheaven (one of the MC dudes is a member of DH's live band)? What if I told you that after China, Russia and Edward Snowden inevitably disable and erase half the internet and seize remote control of three-quarters of the world's computing devices in a fit of geopolitical anger, you'll still be able to listen to this and any other record in your collection while eating canned corn and cradling a rifle in your underground bunker? Fuck experiencing music digitally. I think I'm going to go track down one of those "Seven Churches on Vinyl or Fuck Off" shirts Lock Up was peddling a couple years back. Truth is, I'll probably only find it on some website somewhere.

deciblog - monuments split cover

Order the split here. Tell 'em your favourite Luddite sent you.