STREAMING: Prostitute Disfigurement's From Crotch to Crown

I am not nearly the wordsmith that John Darnielle is, so I will borrow a quote from a post he wrote about the band in question a few years back on his sadly defunct Last Plane to Jakarta blog: INTERLOCUTOR: My grandmother has asked for an excellent new death metal album for her birthday. I tried to explain to her that my friends and I only really like black metal, because it's totally funny but also sometimes it reminds me of My Bloody Valentine, who are just so awesome. She hit me when I said that! With a hammer, in my face! What should I buy my grandmother to prevent her from harming my wine-tasting black metal ass any further? LAST PLANE TO JAKARTA: PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT

Obviously he's enthusiastic about Prostitute Disfigurement. And he is way more into death metal than any rational human being should be, so there you have it. It's been five or so years since their last sick symphony. They broke up and reunited in that time, but it's time to bring the scalpels out once again. Well, actually, I guess "scalpels" implies some sort of precision or subtlety. From Crotch to Crown is machete music. Just complete and utter death metal destruction. We have the whole damn thing for you. Get listening – although if you're at work, you may want to throw on headphones. Or at the very least don't tell your coworkers what you're listening to.

***From Crotch to Crown comes out tomorrow on Willowtip. You need to have this in your collection for the police to have questions about. Order the CD here - or display your misanthropy to the world with the T-shirt combo!