STREAMING: Book of Black Earth "Road Dogs from Hell"

We often like to toot our own horn of death. Our horn of death is similar to the long horns Tibetans use to signal it's time for morning meditation. Except our horns are made of flesh (goat, preferably) and bone (human, preferably) and when they resound down the vile streets of Philadelphia, the grotesque sound isn't for meditation. Since we're on the topic of unkind sounds emanating from places of ill repute (we just started offering full album streams to subscribers! More info here.), we've got a new head-smashing track from Seattle-based death metallers Book of Black Earth. Titled "Road Dogs from Hell", this anthemic ditty is sure to send Decibel's "don't give a fuck" readers into hide-the-china fits of unbridled moshing. Besides, a little punk in death metal never hurt anyone. Just ask Fenriz. Actually, ask Book of Black Earth. They have a near-incomprehensible do or die attitude to things.

"Now the world must listen to our decree," says Book of Black Earth from a cave just outside Seattle. "We don't turn down for anyone we do what we please. Got to make it louder, all men play at 10. If you're not into metal than you're not my friend. Heavy metal or no metal at all, wimps and posers leave the hall."

"Road Dogs from Hell": Road Dogs from Hell by Decibel Magazine

** Book of Black Earth's new album, The Cold Testament, hits store shelves and digital music stores May 24, 2011. Pre-order here.