Jar'd Loose Celebrate 'The State'

So the much-beloved MTV sketch comedy show The State premiered twenty years ago today (!) and to honor the anniversary Chicago avant noise rockers Jar'd Loose have churned out a nutty/awesome cover of the Craig Wedren-penned theme song:

Original here. A Jar'd Loose Deci-premiere from last year here. Also, the band is doing short tour in January. Dates after the jump. Tues, Jan 7 - Piss Haus, Indianapolis, IN Wend, Jan 8 - Teri's, Philadelphia, PA Thurs, Jan 9 - O'Brien's, Boston, MA * Fri, Jan 10 - Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ * Sat, Jan 11 - Howlers, Pittsburgh, PA * Sun, Jan 12 - Carabar, Columbus, OH * Mon, Jan 13 - Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL *

* - w/ The Proselyte