Introducing Sloths. New EP Stream? Yes. Interview? Sort of.

Sloths is a Portland-based trio who've been described as a cross between Botch, Slint, Old Man Gloom, Shellac, Converge and NOT the 60's garage/punk band of the same name who recently reconvened in a hail of revivalism and the discovery of their old 45s going for shitloads on eBay! For these particular Sloths, a good marker is if you took the Gravity Records catalogue, fist fucked it with the Hydra Head catalogue and peddled the goopy mess out of K-Tel's Louisville branch, which kinda makes sense, but doesn't. And in case you needed another wrench thrown into the mess, the band add to their refusal to be pigeon-holed by issuing releases on a whole host of labels, including the three labels (The Ghost is Clear Records, Don't Live Like Me Records and Illuminasty Records) that are co-releasing their latest EP, Twenty Years. Below is a preview stream of the record and, to further contribute to the confusion, an interview that does very little to deliver any serious info on the band. Yes, doing word association may be a lazy cop-out on my part, but it's always fun and I'm sure all you amateur psychoanalysts out there will have a field day reading into some of their responses. Labias and genitals, the Deciblog gives you Sloths.

Word association. You know the drill. Go!

Rain Alec van Staveren (bass): I get wet Kyle Bates (guitar/vox): Depression Nate Sonenfeld (drums/vox): Normal

Laptop Alec: Computin’ Kyle: Recording (Drowse music) Nate: Yup

Cookie dough Alec: Bad Kyle: Cookie Mueller Nate: Okay

Vegetables Alec: Good Kyle: Smile Nate: Right now

Politics Alec: Arguing Kyle: “fuck that” -My roommate Kevin. Nate: Space Unicorn

(Fill in the blank) Alec: up the hub Kyle: Nate:

Hoodie Alec: Zip Kyle: Neurosis Nate: Racist People

Hockey Alec: Bloody Kyle: Band from Quad Cities (Ice Hockey, a scary place to go sometimes). Nate: Crossfade

Tour Alec: Party Kyle: Drunk Nate: :)

Black Alec: Pitch Kyle: Space

(Fill in the blank) Michael______ Alec: Jordan Kyle: bland Nate: Travolta

Kangaroo Alec: Jack Kyle: Pocket Nate: Okay

Cheesecake Kyle: Crust? Nate: There

Isis Alec: Post Kyle: Hive Destruction Nate: Airport

Beer Alec: Outburst Kyle: Camo Black Ice XXXXX Nate: :)

Bay Area Alec: Chill Kyle: whatfunlifewas, foie gras, king woman, tigon Nate: DOC!!!

Nipples Alec: Chill Kyle: Nate Nate: Radio tower

Sunshine Alec: Burning Kyle: Depression Nate: Drunk

(Fill in the blank) Nuclear ____ Alec: Blast Kyle: Assault Nate: George W. Bush

Favourite band Alec: Kix Kyle: Slint/My Bloody Valentine Nate: The Locust

Book Alec: Twilight Kyle: On tour: Anne Carson, Haruki Murakami, Alison Bechdel Nate: Ewwww

Cloud Alec: Nothings Kyle: Dead Nate: Starfox

Knuckle Alec: Punch Kyle: Knife Nate: Funkle

Florida Alec: Flo-rida Kyle: Low Nate: Tramar Lacel Dillard

David Lynch Alec: Mulholland Drive Kyle: Rabbits Nate: Showtime!

666 Alec: 311 Kyle: Geogaddi Nate: Alec

Burrito Alec: Tour Kyle: Live Mas Nate: Everyday

This “interview” Alec: Jammin’ Kyle: ha. Nate: Beavis

As an outro, please introduce your band in whatever manner you see fit: Hailing from Portland, Oregon, SLOTHS plays music that is dark, fast, noisy and enveloping. Dynamically orchestrated by three seasoned musicians, Sloth's songs are simultaneously expansive, exacting and emotionally charged. The guitars skirt from nihilistic noise to haunted bouts of swirling melody while spazzy drums flail from blast beats to d-beats to cymbal-destroying grooves. The music is anchored by sludge-laden, riff-focused bass playing and accented by shredded throat vocals. Formed in late 2010 with the goal of creating heavy music without boundaries, Sloths has released a demo and two EPs, the latter of which, Knives, was pressed on vinyl via Black Lake Records, Don’t Live Like Me Records, Loaded Sound Records, and Hash Crimes. The band has toured extensively throughout the west coast and across the United States.

The Twenty Years vinyl is single-sided on clear wax with black inner sleeves, a nice quality jacket and a double-sided insert. There are a bunch o' places you can pick this up from:

Sloths on Bandcamp The Ghost is Clear Records Don't Live Like Me Records Illuminasty Records

*photo by Kyle Keating, nabbed from the band's Facebook page*

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