For Those About to Squawk: Waldo's Pecks of the Week

What’s up, beak freaks? Here’s all the hate that’s fit to spew. MESHUGGAH release Koloss, and although a lot of peeps seem to like this band, I could never really seem to sink my beak into them. That said, fans of this band will not be disappointed. You know the deal: overcompressed tech guitars play in unknown time signatures with some brutal heaviness. This isn’t my thing really, so go ahead and hate on me for not liking this… at all. I’m not going to say this is bad outright (I’ll just infer it), but I really think I don’t get how this band can be this popular. The riffs seem to repeat a little too much, and the vocals never really change. (See “Do Not Look Down.") That being said, the production is pretty good. Uhhhh… 3-7 Fucking Pecks.


HIGH ON FIRE release their black metal opus De Vermis Mysteriis. I’m kidding; title aside, this is pretty good. Seems like Ballou gave this a little more teeth than its predecessor. This is doom/sludge/rock done very well. This is a concept about Jesus having a twin brother who travels through time. Von Danikenisms aside (“We’re not saying you can build a time machine and go back in time and kill Christ, but IF you could...”), this is a cool record, Motorhead style driving heavy rock that pummels you, all in the Matt Pike style. 6 Fucking Pecks.

Out to Die comes at us from supergroup AURA NOIR. If you like some blackened thrash, you will never guess what I have in store for you. Germanic style '80s thrash played in a blackened style (duh) by some black metal elite. Upbeat thrashers played with some menace, by “The Ugliest Band in the World." This is pretty beaking cool, a little hateful, but A LOT of fun. Check “Grin From the Gallows," it’s the birdshit! Aura Noir haven’t changed much in their career, which in this case is a great thing. Why update your sound when it already kills? The ugliest band in the world? That title may well go to these guys. But Aura Noir come a close second. 7 Fucking Pecks.

My old school Peck Of The Week goes to ASBESTOS DEATH, grimy as fuck stoner/sludge/doom from the aforementioned Matt Pike. Crusty-as-peck jams to make you punch your mother, you mother puncher. Featuring Al Cisneros on bass and vocals, Matt Pike on guitar, Tom Choi on guitar and Chris Hakius on drums, these guys slayed. Get your “check it out” on.