Exclusive: Cover art for Bloody Panda's 'Summon: Invocation'

The haunting, evil, beautifully fucked music of Bloody Panda is the exact kind of experimental doom that lends itself to multiple interpretations. Do an orchestral version or piano jazz take on their debut, and if done well the same sort of tar black feelings will likely bubble up. That's why the remix of Summon, titled Summon:Invocation, is filled with so much possibility. Electronic and experimental noise pros like Matmos, Jarboe, Mick Barr and members of Portal obliterate these epic tracks and reconstruct them in hundreds of fractured, tangled ways.

Brooklyn Vegan got the chance to debut a song today but we're happy that we got the consolation prize, showing off the album cover, painted by Bloody Panda vocalist Yoshiko Ohara, who also remixed one song for the album.

Summon: Invocation drops on Nov. 15th by the band's own hands so put it on your calendar, kids.