Exclusive- Black God: "Everyone's a Friend"

If you didn't know it by now, Coliseum's Ryan Patterson is an inhuman machine that runs solely on guitar riffs and beard hair.

His newish project is a throwback to the 90s hardcore scene of Louisville where sweat flowed like beer and beer pretty much stayed in the fridges at the convenience store.

Joined by members of Black Cross, Young Widows, Endpoint and the inimitable By The Grace of God, Black God has debuted their track "Everyone's a Friend," a hyper-manic, noisy post-punk affair from their follow-up EP II, which will be out on No Idea March 20th.

There are enough people out there who know that the pedigree of this band can likely do no wrong, so you'll need little convincing. Just hear what's in store for you, and rub your hands together for the next month.

PS: Tour dates

Sa 03/23/12 - Louisville, KY @ Cahoots - BGII Release Show Th 04/19/12 - Louisville, KY @ Chestnut House w/ Shivs Fr 04/20/12 - Chicago, IL @ TBA Sa 04/21/12 - Toronto, ON @ Parts & Labour Su 04/22/12 - Columbus, OH @ Carabar