New week; new grind, folks. . . And this one's a doozy, all the way from Switzerland and four years in the making. Courtesy of the good people at Relapse, we've got an exclusive premiere stream of Flies Will Starve from Mumakil. It is kind of ironic for a band who made their name with hyper-intense "blastcore" grind that their follow-up to the savage Behold the Failure should have taken its sweet time. But taking four years? That's like 21 years in grind-time, especially when you factor in Mumakil's throw-and-go/DIY ethos. Well, there is no getting around the fact that lineup changes, touring and life all get in the way. No matter, in that time the world has been souring apace, creating the optimum conditions in which to birth an album like Flies Will Starve.

Most of you reading this should be familiar with the Mumakil canon already; you should know what you're in for (24 tracks, all juiced by the familiar cocktail of panic and fury, all clocking in at 35 minutes and change), but here is guitarist Jéjé with a track-by-track run-through of what went down:

DEATH FROM BELOW Okay! Track one has to punch you straight in the face, gravity-blasts do the job just well . . . Sounds like a machine gun, war on drones raging right now.

DAWN OF SLUGS One of the oldest songs we wrote for this album, another optimistic view of our society. We realized we wrote too many lyrics for this song, so the end of the lyrics got crippled and replaced by "get the fuck off and die". Haha! I love the idea that every frustration can be expressed by fuck off.

WAR THERAPIST Kinda death-metallish intro, [the] groove changes a bit from the rest of the album. It's talking about "democracy" and its consequences on other's lives in other countries.

FUCKTARDS PARADE The last song we wrote before recording. We just used an old riff for the central part, sounds a bit to me like thrash metal on speed. Talking about chemico-pharma corporations; these promising us a cleansed future.

BUILT OF LIES A song with a kind of groove in the central part. I really like to play this on stage, people generally fly on this; the best way to share your beers with those carrying you for free.

SHIT REMINDERS One of my favorite songs on this album. Played fast, it's totally crushing, and we play it now way faster than on the record... [It] talks about fucks. They know who they are.

DESIGNED TO FAIL The most Death Metal song on the album, fewer blastbeats at the beginning allows you maybe to breathe, and to bang your head slower. But, still, gravity blasts in the end makes it more spicy.

GET EXORCISED Sounds a bit punkish. This song was supposed to be slower when we wrote it, but as always, faster is better. Lyrics about Geneva's (Calvingrad's) well-trained Protestants' self confidence.

FRESH MEAT FOR THE GRINDER Wow! A song with THREE different parts! what an effort...Love the "Yaaaaaarrrgggh" in the middle part. Lyrics [are] about butterflies breeding.

REPUDIATE In my opinion, gravity blasts always work. This one sounds pretty brutal because of them. We had to record this one many times, due to power cuts in the building making us lose time...

ARMY OF FREAKS I'm really into crawling riffs, lot of notes, everything played in chromatic scales; Like the central riff in there. Nice talk about the pig hidden in everyone here.

HAILING REGRESSION This is one of the songs we already played on stage on tour with the Elton John addicts in Afgrund. Seems like hard work. No tone of us has time to grab a beer during this one; that's a major handicap.

COCKROACHES Was initially named as a working title, "Francis Kuntz for President", who is a major political figure in Groland, a small country near Switzerland. Contact him at groland.com

WRONG TURN One of the only odd blastbeats on the album at the beginning of the song, and yeah, this one was once named "Mollusk" (why?).

LET THE WORLD BURN Another weirdo rock 'n' roll" riff in the middle, blastbeats everywhere else; I love it that way.

PISS OFF (PART 2) The "part 2" is funny, as if we already pissed you off once. In fact we did! The part one was "Black Sheep" from Behold the Failure, in which we, as always, insulted people for free . . . And there's a Big Lebowski quote hidden in this one!

WASTE BY DEFINITION Seb, our former drummer (who played the drums in Flies will Starve), is a huge fan of Municipal waste, that was his way to tell them he wanted to join the band. Haha!

UNFAIR FOR WHOM? The "A" riff reminds me a bit of Sayyadina, and I love Sayyadina. Should be a nice n'happy song. No, in fact it's an insult note (once again). But deep in our hearts, we're not evil people. Keep it easy, Mom!

BRING THEM TO RUIN At the beginning, this one was supposed to be called "Bring them to Rome" and talk about olive oil and sunshine, but someone of us came out at the rehearsal with a really fucked up mood, so we decided to play grindcore and change it to "Bring them to Ruin"

BEGGING FOR THE OBVIOUS Did you hear that? there's no guitar for about nine seconds in this one! Now you can hear the sweet sound of bass caressing you behind the ears. In this one, Thomas, our soprano experimentalist, explains you why you shouldn't have listened to daddy.

REDLINE Initially named "Porkchops", the lyrics suit now quite well that working title. Yeah, the second odd riff of the album!

BLIND DISCIPLES I like this first riff, quite a strange riff in fact, and one of the few backing vocals session on this album. We really have to try on stage with Benj screaming his guts out. We will, [it's] more brutal.

BETRAYER Did you notice? The last three songs on this album begin with a B. That must be a sign.

BEHIND THE MASK WOW! More than three riffs in a song! Huge performance, and a kinda rock 'n' roll plan in the middle of the song, finishing the album headbanging naked on the table while your whole neighbourhood is sending you the cops!

Umm, indeed. Right, without further ado . . . Ach, you know what to do: Affix the gum shield, press play and let the blasts take control.

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