DIRE VOLE: Maestus's "Voir dire" Stream

Maestus Band Photo Album Stream

It's not like Oregon has a monopoly on great doom acts, but sometimes it feels that way. Between Witch Mountain, YOB, and now Maestus, the Beaver state seems like the place to go if you want to get massively bummed out. Which is weird, considering they have legalized pot and everything is organic there. Whatever the reason, this is some superb heaviness. Spacious and suffocating at the same time, this Eugene-based blackened doom trio deliver a smackdown so complete you'd swear they were from one of the Scandinavian countries. Voir dire is out now, but you can hear the beast in its entirety for yourselves below.

***Voir dire is a joint release from Glossolalia and Domestic Genocide. You can download it or order the CD.