Decibrity Playlist: Eyehategod (Part 2)

In celebration of Eyehategod's first full-length studio album in nearly a decade and a half, last week we shared five musical selections that frontman (and soon to be cover star) Mike IX Williams' listens to on his “stupid iPod in the filthy tour van.” As promised, here are the rest of his eclectic picks which, given the NOLA quintet's upcoming itinerary, you'll probably hear blasting from said van in a town near you very soon. Pre-order a copy of Eyehategod, which drops May 27th, here.

Devo--Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (1978) and Duty Now For The Future (1979) Groundbreakers forever. These two albums changed my life and made me realize that music could be made outside the box, and in fact the box in question could be devolutionized and destroyed completely.

Dr. John--Gris-Gris (1968) New Awlin's finest; absolute perfection of the NOLA vibe, heart and soul. One of the most creeped out voodoo records ever. Ya boy's known as the Night Tripper for a reason...

The Damned--Machine Gun Etiquette (1979) One of Lemmy's early collaborations was with the UK's The Damned. This record is not so much of a basic punk LP than it is a basic punk LP with insanely incredible songcrafting.

Laughing Hyenas--You Can't Pray A Lie (1989) John Brannon's voice has been echoing around in my head since his first band Negative Approach and more recently with his band Easy Action. Laughing Hyenas will occupy a permanent place in my brain until the end of days.

Fuck-Ups--FU82 7" (1982) Fearless Iranians From Hell--Fearless Iranians From Hell 7" (1986) Doing really dangerous drugs to these two 7"s has been a hobby of mine for years. Negative punk with violent messed up lyrics.

*Pre-order a copy of Eyehategod here and be sure to catch Williams and company on the following dates:

5/28/2014 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA 5/29/2014 Drunk Horse – Fayetteville, NC 5/30/2014 Chop Shop – Charlotte NC 5/31/2014 611 – Frederick, MD 6/01/2014 Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA 6/02/2014 Rex Theater – Pittsburgh, PA 6/03/2014 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA 6/04/2014 American Legion Post 80 – Binghamton, NY 6/05/2014 Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA 6/06/2014 Even Flow – Long Island, NY 6/07/2014 Europa – Brooklyn, NY 6/08/2014 Basement Transmissions – Erie, PA 6/09/2014 Bug Jar – Rochester, NY 6/10/2014 Loving Touch – Detroit, MI 6/11/2014 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH 6/12/2014 Birdy’s – Indianapolis, IN 6/13/2014 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL 6/14/2014 Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, MI 6/15/2014 Bottom End Bar – Appleton, WI 6/16/2014 Triple Rock – Minneapolis, MN 6/17/2014 Diamond Pub – Louisville, KY 6/18/2014 Fubar – St. Louis, MO 6/19/2014 Hi Tone – Memphis, TN 6/20/2014 Southport – New Orleans, LA 6/21/2014 Dollhouse – Savannah, GA 6/22/2014 Orpheum – Tampa, FL 6/23/2014 Looseys – Gainesville, FL 6/24/2014 Zydeco – Birmingham, AL 6/25/2014 The Handlebar – Pensacola, FL

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