Video Premiere: Onera - "Cold Hand's Caress"


Kingston, New Hampshire’s Onera (featuring members of MorgionWatchmaker and December Wolves) released their debut album, Olde, at the end of June. It was three songs that totaled nearly thirty minutes, balancing very heavy with calm, reflective moments.  

Now the band has their first music video, a haunting accompaniment to “Cold Hand’s Caress.” The video gets plenty of nature shots, including a spider weaving its web and leaves in the rain, but “Cold Hand’s Caress” is no nature documentary. 

As Onera reminds in the Youtube description for the video, “Cold Hand’s Caress” deals with a heavy subject. “A journey through the loss of a loved one. Enter despair…”

The band echoed a similar sentiment about the song. "'Cold Hand's Caress' is the culmination of five souls' experience with tragedy. It is the journey through the loss of a loved one... the sound of despair."

Fittingly, the nature shots are accompanied by more somber shots of burial, ravens and wrought iron gates, with the lyrics appearing with the song on screen.

You can hear Olde on Bandcamp.  

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