Hear Italian Doom Metallers the Foreshadowing Predict Europe’s Downfall

It’s no secret that Decibel has a soft spot for death/doom. Genre pillars Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride have long since completed the Decibel Trifecta of nabbing a Decibel cover story, a Hall of Fame induction and a track in the Decibel Flexi Series. Skepticism and Tiamat both have Hall of Fame entries. Disembowelment have one in the works. Two members of the staff combine to own Gothic on over 30 different formats. So, yeah, call it an, um, “foreshadowing” that Decibel should premiere a track from the Italian death/doom act the Foreshadowing. Guitarist Alessandro Pace is, of course, making much more serious connections with the track “Fall of Heroes” and their new LP Seven Heads Ten Horns.

“The main concept of the album is Europe as the new Babylon. It deals with the decline of Europe that foreshadows its coming fall.

“Musically the new single shows the more epic and majestic side of our music. This song opens the album after the instrumental pilgrimage of ‘Ishtar’ and it continues the main enchanting theme that will bring you through a new voyage, where so-called heroes prepare themselves to fall from the crumbling tower they erected.”

Seven Heads Ten Horns is available July 29 via Metal Blade. Get it here.