Let Finland's Gloomy Grim Kiss You Shamefully

It's been eight years since Gloomy Grim's last full-length (though only two since the Grimoire EP), so maybe you're unacquainted with this one-time one-man (but no longer) metal beast, from which, according to the band's description, you should "expect Horror Metal combined with Black Metal and pours of Thrash Metal, mixed together through the blender of Death Metal."  To which we say, "Oh, hell yeah!"

Having already released the lead-in track from new album The Age of Aquarius at the Satanath Records Bandcamp site, the band now reveals another song from the record, "The Shameful Kiss."  Says vocalist Agathon about the song:

"Numerology on Black Magic Rituals is very important for me. I use the same numerological methods on my daily routines. 'The Shameful Kiss' is about The Ritual conjuring the dark forces. Those forces might be unknown for many, but it does not mean that they do not exist. Part of the lyrics are in Latin and I started creating this song on guitar; the orchestrations have been added afterwards. This is kind of a backward method for me as I usually do the orchestrations first. I think 'The Shameful Kiss' caught the old Gloomy Grim mood in it anyway. Without the keyboards this could be pure Thrash Metal song."

Without further French-word-meaning-"delay," here is "The Shameful Kiss."