Abbath debut “Winterbane” video


On the eve of Abbath’s first American show as the headlining act of the 2016 Decibel Magazine Tour, we are excited—OK, fucking pumped—to premiere the band’s latest offering of grim and frostbitten cinema, “Winterbane.”

Taken from Abbath’s acclaimed self-titled debut, “Winterbane” presents Olve and his band of not-so-merry men in a slightly more sinister light than suggested in past Immortal video clips. Clearly shot prior to the band’s recent lineup swap of drummer Creature for Gabe Seeber, you can check out the new guy, Abbath and King ov Hell in action for yourself starting TOMORROW when the Decibel Tour, featuring Abbath, High on Fire, Skeletonwitch and Tribulation, kicks off Baltimore, MD. Rest of the dates after the video.