Streaming: Unbowed's EP Dogma


When we think of Dogma we generally think of that so-so movie that featured a young Alanis Morissette playing God. But another form of 'Dogma' recently dropped into our inbox courtesy of some young Canadians who are mixing black and death metal with loud and gnarly results.  The call it, quite simply: "Brutal North Metal." 

Dogma is the follow to the 2014 album Collapse The World. The two-man band, who release their own music in addition to writing it, claim the EP "tears open the fabric of reality with soaring orchestral and symphonic elements that take the listener from purgatory to paradise, all in the same fleeting moments."

Sounds intense. The good news is you can stream the entire release below. If you dig it, learn more about the band on their Facebook page. You preorder Dogma on Bandcamp.