Grinding Your Friends into Dust: Stheno/World Downfall Split 7" Stream

Here’s what my pal Andy at Poland’s Everydayhate Records wants you to know about his latest release, a split 7” between Greece’s Stheno and Germany’s World Downfall:

German - Greek friendship at its finest! A grindcore/crust/death/black metal sonic attack is provided with this split release! Two grindcore/death metal tracks made by the old-school German killers World Downfall, who break the ice after a long musical pause. They come crushing down, straight to your face! Stheno continues to move on the blackened path with a grindcore/black metal/crust blend, offering a four-song Greek punch; blackened sonic hooliganism especially for you, freaks!

Now, having personally never gone through the prototypical coming of age, parent-funded, post-university “backpacking through Europe” adventure, I can’t tell you how friendly German’s and Greeks are with one another on any level: daily, diplomatic, extreme music related or otherwise. However, what I do know is that anyone calling Greece or Germany home these days probably doesn’t have to look far for reasons to be pissed off. Greece’s economy is still in deeper shit than the shit in my backyard outhouse and Germany is bursting at the physical, financial and social service seams with the government opening the nation’s borders to over a million refugees from Syria. And if you can think of a better brand of angry protest music than death and black metal speckled grindcore, then why don’t you get on a plane and go help these dudes figure out how to better express their frustrations. Nah, fuck it. After checking out this bit of vitriol below, things are being dealt with just fine.

Limited to 500 copies of black vinyl. And here are your ordering links:


World Downfall