Hear A Preview From Cadabra Records' Newest Lovecraft Release, 'Pickman's Model'

In a conversation about H.P. Lovecraft and heavy metal, it would probably be easier to name the bands who haven’t been influenced by or alluded to the 20th century writer. Lovecraft’s work has had an undeniable influence on pop culture at large, and especially metal. 

Cadabra Records has carved out a niche for themselves releasing spoken word horror tales on vinyl, including works by Clark Ashton Smith, Edgar Allen Poe and, of course, H.P. Lovecraft. 

Today, Decibel has a preview of Cadabra’s newest Lovecraft work, Pickman’s Model. The album is a rendition of Lovecraft’s short story, “Pickman’s Model,” read by Andrew Leman. The accompanying score on Pickman’s Model was recorded by New York industrial group Theologian.

Check out the snippet from the release below. 

“Pickman’s Model” is a story about an artist who draws the grotesque monsters he sees. It was originally published in October of 1927. Lovecraftian authority S.T. Joshi contributed liner notes and Alan Brown the art.  

"Everything we've been working on to date has lead to Pickman's Model,” says Cadabra Records founder Jonathan Dennison. “I believe this to be one of Andrew Leman's strongest performances of his career, and am very proud to put this out. Theologian perfected the score, Alan Brown killed the art, this is one hell of a package." 

Treat yourself to a horror themed purchase (Halloween is on Monday, ya know) and preorder the album on vinyl. Pickman's Model hits the streets on November 11.