Free Digital Trial Issue for iPhone/iPad Now Available

It's free. The issue, not the electronics, that is.

Papa Emeritus III wants YOU!

... to check out the free digital trial issue of Decibel, that is. At 66 pages of content selected especially from our last three issues, the evil coded into these ones and zeros could possibly be too extremely extreme for your device to handle. If you are willing to take the risk in the name of all that is musically heavy, the issue is available for iPad and iPhone through the Decibel app.

Specific content includes: 
•    Ghost cover story
•    Autopsy Severed Survival Hall of Fame
•    Nu-Metal Special Feature
•    MDF reviewed
•    Metal Muthas – Sabbath Assembly
•    In the Studio - Cobalt
•    Slayer Q & A
•    Nile Call & Response
•    Band profiles of Powermad, Maruta, Publicist UK, InAeona, Khemmis, Lycia, Humanity Defiled, and Tsjuder
•    Complete 14-page reviews section (from the October issue)

Get the issue from our iPad/iPhone app here