Don't Expect the Same Results from Insanity's "Sacrefixion"

Hard luck Bay Area tech-thrash veterans Insanity are finally back with their first full-length since 1994's Death After Death Visions of Apocalypse is due out November 13 on Unspeakable Axe, The album has been in the making for years, but was delayed by the passing of drummer Bud Mills in 2007. Perseverance pays, though, and after lineup adjustments and lots of intense work, we have a fruit of their labor, the brand new, crippling "Sacrefixion" streaming below.

"I started working on the song after [original vocalist] Joe DeZuniga  died, using some of what he was writing for a song called 'Crucifixion,'" says founding guitarist Dave Gorsuch. "I also used some lyrics I'd originally written for the last verse of another song he was working on called 'Sacrilege.' Thus, the origin of the title. The rest of the lyrics were written about misdeeds done by religious leaders. The last addition was about how the Romans couldn't defeat Christianity, so they instead used it to preserve their power as their empire was falling apart--they transformed it into the Roman Catholic church. As with quite a few others, since Joe died so young, it was basically a posthumous collaboration--though the only one on this album."