Ride Out Bang Offshoot Carousel's "Strange Revelation"

A couple issues ago, we introduced proto-metal Philadelphia trio Bang to the hallowed Hall of Fame. While drummer Jake Leger wasn't in the band for the recording of that classic (I mean, duh; you can see from the picture above, homeboy wasn't exactly doing paradiddles in 1971, when Bang dropped), he is in the reincarnated Bang today, as well as Carousel, a Thin Lizzy/Diamond Head-influenced quartet that's dropping new album 2113 on Tee Pee August 28. Obviously not the heaviest track we've premiered here, but it's Friday afternoon--fucking relax. 

"['Strange Revelation'] is more of a ballad-type song," Leger concurs, "with a nice guitar solo that stretches all around through the middle of the track, and featuring some curiously abnormal lyrics. This album has us trying a lot of different flavors and textures, and this--being my favorite track of them all (mostly because of the solo)--is definitely an example of that."