For Those About to Squawk: Waldo's Pecks of the Week

Okay guys, my new schedule doesn’t allow me to keep up with every release, but you already know that the new Ghost is like, well, the old records. And don’t forget the new Hate Eternal, which is actually really good. These days, there’s such a glut of stuff. Don’t forget about certain re-releases that are  coming out (ahem).

Being a fan of Nile, I have been awaiting the newest offering, What Should Not Be Unearthed. For a band that has always played extremely serviceable, sometimes groundbreaking death metal, this is no real exception. Well, aside from the fact that it’s just a little… Nile. There’s NOTHING surprising here; it’s technical, heavy, fast... you know all of the traits that Nile are known for. The one thing that sticks out is a noticeable difference in the vocals. There’s more of a midrange kind of thing going on here instead of the guttural low death growls that have populated previous releases. There is nothing wrong with this record, and it’s actually pretty good, but again, there is nothing new here, nothing exciting, and although its good, at the end of the day, it’s just another Nile release about catacombs, and scarabs, and pyramids, and sand, and King Tut, and curses, and pharaohs…  So, like, not bad; just treading very familiar ground. 6 Fucking Pecks.

Okay, this is more like it. Cruciamentum (take THAT, spell check) have FINALLY released their first full-length, called Charnel Passages. I’m BEAKING loving this. Maybe not the release of the year, but these guys garnered attention early on with their demo and then an EP, and while there was some time, this does not disappoint. This is brutal death metal (I know, SO descriptive, right?) with an old-school tinge. Like that Immolation, Bolt Thrower kinda thing without sounding like either. These guys tap into some sort of crusty-ass old-school darkness. This is raw, and captures the rough, dark emotion of what is considered “troo” death metal. This thing slays. Check this birdshit out. 8 Fucking Pecks.

There’s a hard rock band called Diemonds, and wow, they suck. It’s like a throwback to Motley Crue-sorta hard rock, but, like, super lame. Their record is called Never Wanna Die; hopefully they will [their career, that is -ed.]. Screw it. 0 Fucking Pecks.

I know I’ve  pumped this band a lot, and BLKLSTRS (read: Blacklisters) are finally releasing their follow-up. I love this band, so if you think I suck, that’s cool, you peck. Anyway, Adult is a noise-rock slab that harkens back to the days of Jesus Lizard and Scratch Acid. Even though this is a bit derivative, by sounding a lot like the aforementioned, BLKLSTRS have managed to find their own voice.  For those that don’t know, this has like rhythmic drumming held together by repetitive bass lines with high-end meandering guitar and a manic caterwauling over it all. Not for everybody, and certainly not for a metal blog, but I love this thing. 7 Fucking Pecks.