STREAMING: SWARÞ "Omines Pestilentiae"


SWARÞ's origins and members are unknown. The group (could be quartet or a solo outfit), however, have managed to capture the imagination of black metallers everywhere over the course of three stridently evil demos. The first issue of SWARÞ's demos, called Omines Pestilentiae, were issued last year as a double LP. Now, the CD version is on the black horizon. To celebrate the release of Omines Pestilentiae on CD, Decibel has teamed up with SWARÞ (no, we don't know WHO they are) to premiere the entire Omines Pestilentiae in its entirety. The abyss is waiting...

** SWARÞ's new album, Omines Pestilentiae, is out April 30th on Daemon Worship. The digipak CD and digital are available HERE. For fans of Deathspell Omega, Svartidauði and Sinmara.