Scorpions Documentary SPANS "FOREVER AND A DAY"

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who think the Scorpions only really put out a couple hits and those who are shocked and appalled by the first people. 

Formed back in (fucking) 1965, this documentary is both a look back at the band's history as well as an on-the-road document of their 50th anniversary tour. And it pretty much delivers exactly what a Scorpions fan wants while, at the very least, showing non-fans how loved and respected these guys are all over the goddamn world. 

If you'd read any of Decibel's Hall of Fame for the band's 1975 In Trance, their first real dive into heavy metal, then you'd know the band were metal trailblazers and not just glammy hurricane-like rockers and wind-changers. 

But as far as still skeptical non-Scorpions fans, I'm not gonna say this will blow your hair back. If you want a hundred-minute cram session on how many songs the band's recorded that you've actually heard before, then this is pretty good. And if you want to see a close-up of their drummer with an egg shaker, it can't be topped. 

But this doc is really for the exceptionally large amount of Scorpions fans who are still out there, loving what these guys are doing even with a couple of the founding members nearing 70 years of age. Watch the trailer below and I think you'll know pretty quick if this is your scene.