A lot of bands out there are good at math -- they’re like the telepods in The Fly. They go in one side and come out the other exactly the same -- information regurgitated exactly as inputted. You can reproduce anything, but if there’s no stamp of originality...what's the point? We're looking for those bands that get the fly -- whatever that may represent, musically -- mixed up on the journey and create a completely new beast.

So Chris Alexander told Decibel a little over a year ago by way of explaining the sinister permutations he planned to drag into the metaphorical light via Fangoria Musick, the adventurous aural arm of the flagship dark cinema magazine he then captained. 

Now, as if to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the former Fangoria Editor in Chief/current Shock Till You Drop overlord and auteur is a man who practices what he preaches, Giallo Disco unleashes a completely remastered, expanded, vivified edition of Alexander's own strange and beguiling way-the-fuck-down-the-rabbit-hole collection Music For Murder -- a spiraling series of "drugged-out helltracks for paranoid dreamers and night-fantastists" which, incidentally, fairly ooze the sort of outre sensibility and otherworldliness that instantly places Alexander and Skinny Puppy's Nivek Ogre fruitful creative partnership on the film Queen of Blood into a comprehensible context. 

As Exhibit A we present the disquieting video for "Organ Grinder"...

And for Exhibit B, a little "Trauma"...

Tracks titles like "Don't Open the Window," "Skin Too Tight," "Trees With Teeth," "Dark Secrets of the Black Heart," and "Inferno" may sound intimidating -- as indeed they are! -- but if you're looking to inject a little beautiful unnatural selection into your personal evolution, Music For Murder is a great telepod to climb into en route to transcendence.  


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