Here's to Your Health: Philly Stoner Trio Hound Rock a "Mortality Jam"

Featuring the drummer from decidedly un-metal indie heroes Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Philly stoner/hard rock trio Hound administer some classic riffage on sophomore effort Out of Space, which dropped November 27 on SRA Records. The video for "Mortality Jam," streaming below, should give you a fair shake at their heavy stylings. And the subject matter is plenty intriguing.

"'Mortality Jam' is a song I wrote while trying to rip off Wishbone Ash, but accidentally ripped off Motorhead instead," half-jokes frontman Perry Shall. "The actual song is about my next door neighbor I had as a kid growing up in Northeast Philly. He lived with his dad, was in his 40s, and grew a lot of weed in his house and backyard. He was a drug addict and did karate in his front yard. He was also the only person on my block that skateboarded besides me, so I would always knock for him to go bomb this one hill. I remember one day he answered the door with his arm tied off. It didn't hit me what that was until years later. He has since died from what I can only assume was a heroin overdose. This song is about him, probably the reason I've never tried drugs."