Ghoul to release new track "Wall of Death" via Decibel Flexi Series!

It’s been over two years since Creepsylvania miscreants Ghoul have released any new material. Though Decibel enjoyed the beach/surf-themed Hang 10 EP, if you’re like us, we’re guessing you’ve been eager to hear Digestor and Cremator get back to dealing the death/thrash that’s responsible for the majority of Romania’s GDP. 

Thanks to Decibel, now you can. “Wall of Death” will be released as part of the vaunted Decibel Flexi Series in just a few weeks! 

To get this exclusive new rager, you’ll need to subscribe to Decibel's deluxe edition by Monday, May 2 at 9am EST. Active deluxe subscribers can expect to receive “Wall of Death” in the July issue of Decibel.  All that for the less than a price of a goat! 

More good news: You can expect a full-length of new non-flexi material from Ghoul released on Tankcrimes this July!

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